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Skin Rejuvenation

Procedures - Facial Plastic Surgery

The phenomenon of aging and chronic sun damage are events that can not be stopped even if it is possible to correct.

The collagen fibers lose their firmness and the result is a loose skin and thinned in which the passage of time and accumulation of chronic sun provides a tired and aged.

In facial rejuvenation techniques we can apply several procedures, the first is the endoscopic forehead lift technique in which you perform a replacement of the front and tissues of the upper third is the eyebrow and upper eyelid in an anatomic position by allowing 1.5 cm minimum approaches the rejuvenation of this entire area.

The facelift is a technique by which all the excess skin on the cheeks, furrows and midface are reset can be performed using conventional technique with pre-and retroauricular approach or endoscopic as appropriate.

Finally Cervicoplasty is the procedure for rejuvenating the neck and improve the appearance of neck suspension for any of the above procedures is essential that patients stop smoking 6 months prior.


Skin Rejuvenation before


Skin Rejuvenation after