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Profile Dra. Marcelas Sanchez

Dra. Marcela Sanchez Cirujana PlasticaDr. Marcela Sanchez takes a holistic view of practice in which both the aesthetic and functional and reconstructive have equal weight when making a patient assessment, and believes that the practice should be aimed at maintaining ethics and respect for the patient.

Is medical Javeriana University in Bogota and spend part of his medical degree at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge UK, later made her professional year of social service with U.S. Secretary of Health of Bogota and Transplant Network. Study maxillofacial and plastic surgery of the hand in the San Rafael Hospital service whose chief was Dr. Tulio Roa Tito who was his mentor and great example academic country I travel to Mexico where he had the opportunity to train with José Guerrero Santos Y Rafael Vergara in Guadalajara and Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio and Angel Papadopulos in the Federal District.

In 2003 he won first place in the national contest prize plastic surgery residents and represent Arcadio Forero Colombia in Seville Spain the following year in the Iberian Latin American Congress of plastic surgery.

Dr. Marcela Sanchez performed a plastic surgery fellowship in oncology and obtained additional title in the National Cancer Institute as Distinguished by its specialist academic average.

She has served as a plastic surgeon Cardio Kids Foundation and Children's Clinic Colsubsidio where for 3 years manages the program for breast reconstruction for cancer.

She is professor of plastic surgery graduate of the University of wood and plastic surgery subspecialty of oncology at the National Cancer Institute where he spends most of his time performing breast cancer reconstruction chest and face. Also belongs to Colsanitas medical charts and has its clinical practice in the Queen Sofia. For Dr. Sanchez is essential to continue in constant training and academic upgrading, she has to represent our country in various global conferences as well as participate in them and promote education for new generations of plastic surgeons.